Travel during the coronavirus pandemic

Spain is very resilient. After months of quarantine and fear, the Spanish spirit is strong. Salamanca is still a city full of life, culture, and beauty. If you walk through the streets of Salamanca, you'll see restaurant terraces where you can sit with your friends and enjoy authentic and delicious Spanish cuisine. Experience the natural beauty of Castilla y León while biking along the Río Tormes, or enjoy sweeping views of Salamanca from the Cathedral balconies.

I was studying Spanish at Tía Tula last year when coronavirus hit Spain in full force and I had to return to the United States. I spent the past year in Chicago working, studying, and dreaming of returning to Salamanca. When I received the coronavirus vaccine, I was so happy because it meant that I could safely return to Spain. I bought my airline tickets and obtained the necessary travel documents. A couple weeks later, I arrived at the airport in Madrid.

When I arrived in Spain, I felt very safe. Everywhere you go, there is hand sanitizer, mask compliance, and other safety measures. With these public health and cleanliness measures, we can enjoy life and regain a sense of normality.

At Tía Tula, our classes continue in person. Our classrooms have big windows which provide great ventilación. The classes are small so that you can learn faster, form great relationships with your teachers and classmates, and follow public health guidelines. When you come, you'll see that even though we wear masks, at the end of the day, very little has changed. Tía Tula is still more than just a school, we are a community.
We can't wait for you to join us in Salamanca!

Ella, student of Tía Tula.

Article in Spanish: Viajar en tiempos de pandemia.


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